Frequently Asked Questions


  1. PeerFest 2016 was amazing! When is the next PeerFest? The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health is reviewing the evaluations and outcome measures from the first ever PeerFest and will be making a decision this summer about hosting another PeerFest in the future. Check out the website frequently for updates on the next PeerFest.
  2. How can I be part of the next Planning Committee? After the Hogg Foundation decides about hosting another PeerFest, applications will be accepted to participate on the external consumer planning committee. This information will be posted on our website and our Facebook page.
  3. What is a Peer Mentee? A Peer Mentee is someone new to the mental health peer and recovery movements in Texas and someone not connected to a formal mental health peer network. A Peer Mentee is a person with lived mental health experience who is interested in having someone with more experience mentor them.
  4.  What is a Peer Ambassador? A Peer Ambassador is an individual who is involved with the mental health peer movement in Texas and connected to a support network of peers. They are familiar with the mental health recovery movement and interested in mentoring a peer with less experience.
  5. Are Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available for Certified Peer Specialists? Yes, CEUs were available at the event and were approved through Via Hope. A Certificate of Attendance was available for attendees at the end of the event once final evaluations were submitted. You had to be present to register on Monday and remain throughout the event until the final session on Thursday in order to be eligible for CEUs. All attendees were given certificates of attendance. CEUs are validated by signing in and out at the event.
  6. I loved the pictures taken during the event, where can I find them? All pictures that were shared by participants and the event photographer are available for viewing and downloading can be found here:
  7. Were there videos taken during the event? Yes, they can be viewed here: