Below is a summary of the content, activities, and experiences PeerFest attendees will be able to take part in. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting new proposals for breakout sessions.

"Learn By Doing" Series is to give participants the opportunity to experience new wellness tools and skills. The proposals we are looking for in this series are:

Developing a Wellness Toolbox
Introduction to Storytelling
Journaling/Art Journaling
Meditation (Guided, Walking, etc.)
Power of Dreams/Dream Journaling
Science of Forgiveness (with ritual)

"Listen & Learn" Series is to provide information on wellness topics to educate participants. The proposals we are looking for in this series are: 

Aromatherapy/Essential Oils
Constructive Living®
How to Start a Business Helping Peers
Introduction to WRAP: 5 Key Concepts
Nutrition for Mental Wellness
The Power of Story
Science of Neuroplasticity
Ways to Change Negative Beliefs About Yourself

"Let's Talk About" Series is to give people space to explore challenging often taboo or inaccessible topics. The proposals we are looking for in this series are:

Complex/Compound Trauma
Cultural Appropriation versus Appreciation
Disclosure and Mental Health
Holistic Treatments and Accessibility
Importance of Self-Care
Intentional Storytelling (Sharing Personal Stories)
LGBT*QIA Issues in Mental Health
Mental Health in the Prison System
Recovery Coaches and Certified Peer Specialists
Self-Advocacy as a Political Act
Spirituality and Recovery/Multi-Faith Panel
Trauma-Informed Care and Why It Matters
Veterans' Mental Health
Violence & Mental Health:Why is Mental Health the Scapegoat and What Can We Do?

"Play & Connect" Series is to remind us that play is not only allowed, it is encouraged, increases wellness and provides opportunities to connect with each other for support. The proposals we are looking for in this series are:

Beach Volleyball
Beach Yoga
Building Sandcastles
Facilitated Group Improvisation

Other opportunities in this category include excursions to the Texas State Aquarium, U.S.S. Lexington and biking/walking Water Street Market or the Sea Wall; Movies: "Silver Lining Playbook" and "Inside Out"; and a Peers Got Talentevent.